Update log

Update log

Update log
Version:1.6.5 [2017-10-16 11:56:06]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【Samsung Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->ISeries I9158,【HUAWEI Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->honor 8 Youth Version、honor play 4C,Huawei P8 Youth Version,【VIVO Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->V3MaxA,【XiaoMi Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->Redmi3S、Redmi_Note3。
2.Add【Access DWG】->【VIVO Access DWG】->data of X9.
3.Add【MTC Scheme】->Error code series->iphone6Plus、6S Flash process error is introduced.
4.Add【Mainboard DWG】->iphone6SPlusComponents Function Annotation Mainboard Colored DWG.
5.Optimizing the platform code,perfect platform interface. 
Version:1.6.4 [2017-10-10 14:45:34]
1.Add 【Access DWG】->【VIVO(Access DWG)】->Y67,【Access DWG】->RedMi_Note4 ,【OPPO Access DWG 】->A59S,【phone Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】Qualcomm version->phone8_4.7、phone8P_5.5,【VIVO Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->X5Pro、X9,【OPPO Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->A57、A59、R9S、A31,【HUAWEI Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->MT8。
2.Update【Access DWG】->data of 【phone Access DWG】->4,4S,SE,【pad Access DWG】->pad_mini2,pad_mini4,pad2,pad3.
3.Add【Details DW】->phone series->Resistance Details DWG and Function Details DWG.
4.Add【SCH Diagram】->OPPO series->R9 Component distribution and Schematic diagram.
5.Update【Mainboard DWG】->iPhone8 plus (Intel Version)Components Function Annotation Mainboard Colored DWG->phone8 Qualcomm version Mainboard HD Colored DWG.
6.Update【MTC Scheme】->Error code series.
7.Update【driver installation】->Mouse enhancement tools【EDAHelper】。
8.New encryption dog.
Version:1.6.3 [2017-09-15 17:45:34]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】->4、4S、5、5C。
2.Update【Access DWG】->【pad(Access DWG)】->data of pad4、pad_air2.
3.Add【Access DWG】->【OPPO(Access DWG)】->data of A59、R9、R9S.
4.Update【Access DWG】->phone8、phoneX.
5.Add【SCH Diagram】->phone8.
6.Add【video】->【MTC Scheme column】->6 generations UMBPAD amnplifier,->【Manual technology column】->Most complete A8CPU disassembling 1-7。
7.New apple menbership grade.
Version: [2017-09-13 11:21:34]
1.Fix known BUG.

Version:1.6.2 [2017-09-12 17:45:34]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】->phone7S、phone7SP.
2.Update【Access DWG】->【OPPO(Access DWG)】->A59、R9.
3.Add【Mainboard DWG】->phone7SP、phone8.
Version:1.6.1 [2017-09-08 17:30:34]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】->phone8A11CPU、phone8 Bandbase CPU.
2.Add【Access DWG】->【OPPO(Access DWG)】->data of A59.
3.Add【Access DWG】->【OPPO(Access DWG)】->R9、【VIVO(Access DWG)】->vivoX9、【Samsung(Access DWG)】->S8_G950U.
4.Update【Access DWG】->【OPPO Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->OPPO_R9.
5.Update【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】data of phone6SP5.5.
6.Add【Access DWG】->【XiaoMi series】data.
7.Add【Access DWG】->【XiaoMi(Access DWG)】->Mi4C.
8.Add【Disassembling Screw Holes】->oppo.
Version:1.6.0 [2017-08-26 12:43:34]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【Phone series  chip(resistance map)】。
2.Add【Access DW】->【OPPO(Access DWG)】->A59 、R9S。
3.Update【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】data of 4S(820-3031-B)、5S(820-3292)、5S(820-3382)、phone6 4.7(820-3486-A)、phone6P 5.5(820-3675-A)、phone6S 4.7(820-5507-A)、phone6SP 5.5(820-00040-A).
5.Update【Access DWG】->【pad(Access DWG)】data of pad_air、pad_mini、pad_mini3.
6.Update【Details DW】->phone7P (Qualcomm version).
7.Update【SCH Diagram】->phone7、【XiaoMi seriers】->MI5S。
8.Update【GND Resistance】->phone7P(Qualcomm version).
9.Update【video】->The principle of inductance,capacitance,resistance and judgment method.
10.Update the block diagram of foreign members.
11.Fix known BUG on platform.
Version:1.5.9 [2017-07-19 18:13:34]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【Phone_Series(Layered DWG)】->phone6、phone7。
2.Update【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】Serial name.
Version:1.5.8 [2017-07-11 14:15:34]
1.Update【video】,to realize the play without advertising video.
2.Update【Access DWG】->data of phone6S5.5、phoneSE、phone7P5.5(820-00229-AQualcomm version)、phone7P5.5(820-00249-AInter version)
3.Add【MTC Scheme】->phone7P series repair case in detail.
4.Optimizing the platform code,perfect platform interface.
Version:1.5.7 [2017-06-16 15:50:34]
1.Update【Access DWG】->【phone series CPU HD image】.
2.Update【Access DWG】-> data of phone6P5.5、phone6S4.7.
3.Add【Access DWG】->【Samsung】->data of S6_Edge(G9287).
4.Add【MTC Scheme】->Update a lot of phone series,the series of pad repair case in detail.
5.Add【Smart Q&A】->Update a lot of robot library q&a list,welcome to ask questions and feedback information.
6.Optimizing the platform code,perfect platform interface.
Version:1.5.6 [2017-06-04 17:30:34]
1.Add【Teaching Pen】->【Pointofix】and【BYS Screen market】,User can choose to use according to demand.
2.Add【Basics】->【Circuit in English and Chinese】.
3.Optimizing the platform code.

Version: [2017-06-02 12:30:34]
1.Repair part of the computer can not open 【Teaching Pen】function.

Version:1.5.5 [2017-06-02 09:30:34]
1.Menu bar add【Teaching Pen】function.
2.Add【Access DWG】->【phone series CPU HD image】。
3.Add【BLK Diagram】->【phone series】。
4.Add【Printing】->phone7(Inter Version)、phone7P(Inter Version) 。
5.Fix known BUG.
Version:1.5.4 [2017-05-22 10:30:34]
1.      Add【Access DWG】->【phone】-> phone7P_5.5(820-00229-A Qualcomm version)、iphone6S4.7
2.      Add【Access DWG】->【phone】->7P 5.5(820-00249-A Inter version)、B-side drawing of pad_air.
3.      Add【MTC Scheme】->【phone series】.
4.      Add【BLK Diagram】->phone7P.
5.      Update【Basics】->【Mobile phone repair base V1】.
6.      The perfect platform for English version.
7.      Perfect 【Super Member】 ->【Agent query function】.
8.      Fix known BUG.
Version: [2017-05-10 15:20:34]
1.Repair 【video】 BUG ,【Access DWG】BUG.

Version: [2017-05-09 18:00:34]
1.Repair 【video】 BUG .
Version: 1.5.3 [2017-04-27 16:30:34]
1.Update【Access DWG】->【phone】->data of phone6 4.7.
2.Update【Access DWG】->【pad3G Version to WIFI Version】。
3.Add【Access DWG】->【phone】->data of 5S820-3292、SE。
4.Add【Access DWG】->【Samsung】->S6_Edge(G9287)。
5.Update【Access DWG】->phone7、Samsung S5 series。
6.Update【Access DWG】->【Samsung】->data of S7_G9350。
7.Update【BLK Diagram】->phone6、phone6Plus
English version【BLK Diagram】->phone6、phone6S、phone6Plus。
8.Update【Limited Ed.】->English version。
9.Add【Details DW】->phone6S。
10.Update【Mainboard DWG】->phone7、7P  Components Function Annotation Mainboard Colored DWG of Chinese Version and English Version.
11.Update【MTC Scheme】->phone6、phone6S、phone6P、phone6SSP、phone7、XiaoMi、Huawei、MeiTu etc. . English Version【MTC Scheme】->phone6、phone7。
12.Update【Disassembling Screw Holes】->【phone7P】。
13.Update【Basics】->Mobile phone repair knowledge。
14.Open 【Video】Editorial content。
15.Optimizing the platform code.
Version: 1.5.2 [2017-03-06 16:08:34]
1. Add PDF Bookmarks to zoom in and out.
2. Automatic】Add a large number of maintenance cases, for users to quickly solve the problem. Perfect the English version of the 【Automatic】.
3. Add 【Access DWG】 -> 【phone】 -> phoneSE, 【Samsung】-> S7_G9350.
4. update 【Access DWG】 ->【phone】 -> 4,4S, 5,5 C, 5S (820-3382), phone64.7, phone65.5, phone6S4.7, phone6S5.5, phone7 data.
5. update 【Access DWG】-> 【phone Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】-> phone7, phone7P.
6. Update【Access DWG】-> 【Disassembling Screw Holesrew hole】.
7. Update 【Details DW】 ->